Commercial Projects

Sears Canada Maintenance

OwnerSears Canada

Approx. Value$750k+

Contract for plumbing and HVAC maintenance and new construction for Sears in Ontario. One project at Sherway Gardens involved running 1200ft of new drains through the entire building due to corrosion and calcite build up.

Boulevard Club Renovation

OwnerBoulevard Club


Approx. Value$100-250k

New construction of indoor pool, piping and drainage systems. This ended with a maintenance contract for 2 years.

MTO Maintenance Yard

OwnerMinistry of Transportation Ontario


Approx. Value$250-500k

One MTO location underwent new construction of a maintenance garage, salt and sand storage, and an office facility. We completed the full mechanical envelope from the ground up, including below and above grade plumbing and all HVAC systems.

Manufacturing Expansion

OwnerArray Marketing

Approx. Value$250-500k

The marketing company required new construction of a manufacturing process. We designed and built the cooling piping and air piping systems that serviced all injection moulding equipment. We also provide regular service and maintenance for Array, including blocked drains and any renovation requirements they have.

Veterinary Hospital

OwnerSt. Clair Veterinary Services

Approx. Value$25-50k

New construction - conversion of a spa into a veterinary hospital. Rough-in all plumbing, waste water and venting.

Air Conditioning Unit Installation


Approx. Value$50-100k

Scotiabank had antiquated equipment that needed to be replaced. GPPL disconnected, removed and replaced Chilled Water Incremental Air Conditioning units, and refinished the area. This new equipment has reduced their energy usage. The challenges with this project involved working in a bank facility where we had to manage the noise, dust and smoke that could have disrupted our client's employees.

Intercontinental Hotel

OwnerIntercontinental Hotel

GCTech Air Services

Approx. Value$100-250k

The Intercontinental Hotel was completing renovations, which included the construction of 6" and 8" gas mains from Front St. through tunnel corridors into the hotel for revised gas distribution within the hotel. The tunnel corridors made it difficult to position piping, and required extensive safety measures. GPPL also completed the bar renovation at Azure Bar.

New Auto Dealership

OwnerBrimmell Toyota

GCNoran Industries

Approx. Value$250-500k

New construction of an auto dealership. We did all of the plumbing, including waste water venting, trench drains, site services and setting fixtures. This also involved process air and process wash water work, and the plumbing for a car wash facility.

Sanitary Header Replacement


Approx. Value$100-250k

The issue was a multi-level sewer blockage after a major renovation that had already taken place. We diagnosed the problem as corroded pipe through an in depth inspection and reported this to property management. On four floors, we removed and replaced the horizontal waste pipe headers and refinished the surfaces. This job had to be managed very closely to stick to a specific timeline by request of the client, and was done after hours and on weekends.

In addition to larger budget projects, we provide regular service and maintenance to four CBRE owned buildings in Toronto.